The Essential AI Tool in Azure DevOps for

Accelerate Delivery with Precision Using Generative AI

Webinar with Microsoft: AI in Requirements Management with Copilot4DevOps

Fast Track Results & Reduce Complexity

Unmatched Efficiency

Unmatched Efficiency

Reduce manual effort and boost accuracy in your workflow

Enhanced Accuracy​

Enhanced Accuracy​

Produce precise and comprehensive documentation

Flexible & <br/> Scalable

Flexible &

Handle demands and complexity with unlimited possibilities

Private & <br>Secure

Private &

Stay safe with top-tier security through Microsoft and OpenAI

Time is Your Ultimate Currency

Let Copilot4DevOps Plus handle manual tasks so you can focus on making timely, important decisions


faster requirements


faster test case


faster requirements

Unlimited Possibilities at Your Fingertips

Harness AI to Elevate Your DevOps Experience





Convert to use case

Convert to Gherkin

Create user story


Elaborate work item


Test Script


Output-Based Actions

With Copilot4DevOps Plus in Azure DevOps, select options to elicit, analyze, paraphrase, summarize, convert to use case, convert to Gherkin, create user story, translate, elaborate, convert to pseudocode, translate requirements to test scripts, and much more.

Dynamic Prompts

Within Azure DevOps, instruct Copilot4DevOps Plus to provide outputs based on your unique queries using keywords, phrases, or sentences. You can also customize results by style, length, language, AI model type, and other additional instructions.

Microsoft's AI Transformation Partner

Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner Officer at Microsoft, showcased Modern Requirements as a key AI transformation partner at Microsoft Inspire 2023. Modern Requirements is the parent company of Copilot4DevOps Plus.

Access the benefits of a recognized Microsoft AI Transformation Partner.
We were showcased in an AI automation case study at Microsoft Inspire 2023. The only Azure DevOps-native partner featured among five Microsoft partners using generative AI to enhance productivity.

Why Clients Love Us

“In our projects, we’ve been utilizing Copilot4DevOps Plus as one of our primary tools. It has certainly added value in various aspects of our work, providing an innovative approach to coding and development tasks…

I’m keen to see how these tools evolve to better serve our needs in the tech landscape.”


André Büttner

André Büttner

General Manager
Actain Engineering GmbH

“The content Copilot4DevOps Plus generates lets you consider situations that you wouldn’t have thought of that may or may not impact your organization. It gives you extra comfort that you’re not missing something important. 

It also saves you so much time from thinking about the content and documenting it. That is just immeasurable because some documents can take a week to prepare. I do that now in 15 minutes.”

Missing Links Consulting Testimonial

Joan Smith

Missing Links Consulting

Try it Yourself

You can try it safely for free directly in your account through Microsoft’s marketplace with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I setup free trial for other users in my company?

Yes. When you get a free trial in Azure Marketplace, you have to assign the licenses to emails within your Marketplace account.

When you get a free trial in Visual Studio Marketplace, every user has to fill out the form within Azure DevOps Services to activate their trial.

What does Copilot4DevOps Plus do with my data?

Copilot4DevOps Plus ensures your data remains private by only using Azure OpenAI Service and OpenAI API without training its models on customer data. For more, read our AI security blog.

What if I need more requirements management features beyond Copilot4DevOps Plus?

You can access all the features of Copilot4DevOps Plus and a lot more with Modern Requirements4DevOps, our award-winning requirements management suite for Azure DevOps. It gives you a much larger suite of capabilities including traceability, Word-like documentation, diagramming, and a lot more to Azure DevOps.

Click here for more information.

Who can benefit from Copilot4DevOps Plus?

Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance and Testers, Project Managers, Developers and any other professionals in the project/application lifecycle will benefit from Copilot4DevOps Plus.