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License Includes


Generate high-quality and editable requirements from raw requirements data


Analyze work item data for clarity, conciseness, coherence, correctness, courtesy, and conviction

Gherkin conversion

Automatically convert requirements to Gherkin language

Use case conversion

Describe requirements from an ACTOR and USER perspective

User story conversion

Convert raw requirements data into user stories


Add more detail to a work item


Create a brief abstract or reframe requirements in different terms


Rewording or restating to achieve greater clarity


Translate work item data to multiple languages with high accuracy

Custom Instructions

Modify your instructions to Copilot4DevOps Plus by specifying AI models, conversational style, response length, and other parameters

Dynamic prompts

Write powerful prompts on selected queries to analyze your data and spot patterns


Turn raw requirements data into high-level pseudocode in Javascript, C#, CSS, and other common languages

Test scripts

Create automated test scripts in Selenium, Cypress, and other formats with a single click


Elements AI uses to understand and generate text. More tokens means you can ask longer questions and get longer answers

10 Million tokens *

*Supports Azure OpenAI GPT 3.5 turbo & 4 turbo and OpenAI GPT 3.5 turbo & 4 turbo. Token count dependent on type of token used.
Higher token plan will be available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a token?

Tokens are elements used for natural language processing. For instance, 1 token is approximately 4 characters or 0.75 words in English. To learn more about how tokens work, click to download our tokens info sheet.

Which large language models do you use?

We use OpenAI and Azure OpenAI service language models.

Is the price of your product the same whether I deploy it on premise or in the cloud?

Yes, with the exception of a small cloud hosting fee for larger implementations over 5 users.

Is Copilot4DevOps Plus safe?
What does Copilot4DevOps Plus do with my data?

Copilot4DevOps Plus ensures your data remains private by only using Azure OpenAI Service and OpenAI API without training its models on customer data. For more, read our AI security blog.

Who built Copilot4DevOps Plus?

Copilot4DevOps Plus was created by Modern Requirements, a leading requirements management company. It flagship product is Modern Requirements4DevOps, an award-winning suite of requirements management tools natively built into Azure DevOps. Copilot4DevOps Plus is part of the same family of requirements management tools and is available as a feature of Modern Requirements4DevOps. Thousands of Azure DevOps BAs, QAs, project managers, developers, and more across the world use Modern Requirements. If you do want to learn about Modern Requirements4DevOps, click here.

Can I cancel my license anytime?

If your license is billed monthly, you can cancel your license at any time.

If your license is billed annually, you can only cancel your license when your billing period ends.