Webinar: Copilot4DevOps Plus: Generative AI for Requirements Management

Date: February 21st 2024 | Time: 11:00am EST

Welcome to a world of precision and efficiency with the powerful AI Requirements Management Assistant: Copilot4DevOps Plus.

With Copilot4DevOps Plus in Azure DevOps, you can select options to elicit, analyze, paraphrase, summarize, convert to use case, convert go Gherkin, convert to user story, translate, elaborate, convert to pseudocode, translate requirements to test scripts, and so much more.

Allow your team to focus on innovation and strategy while automating tedious tasks, accelerating decision-making, and ensuring precision.

Copilot4DevOps’ ensures that your requirements meet the highest standards for maximum efficiency and productivity. This is a must-attend Webinar for those wanting to transform strategic visions into impactful outcomes at a faster rate.

Boost your team’s synergy and productivity, transforming strategic visions into impactful outcomes directly in Azure DevOps.

Copilot4DevOps Plus

Asif Sharif
Founder & Chief Technologist
Modern Requirements

Learn more about the unique features on Copilot4DevOps Plus:

Copilot4DevOps Plus Elicit

Elicit High-Quality Requirements

Create high-quality requirements in one click from raw requirements data. Edit and choose the options that best fit your project aims.

Analyze, Summarize, and Elaborate Work Item Data

Analyze work item data for quality and improve your requirements quality. Summarize or enhance requirements to better communicate with stakeholders.

Copilot4DevOps Plus Analyze
Copilot4DevOps Plus Dynamic Propmt Results

Dynamic Prompt

Within Azure DevOps, learn how you can instruct Copilot4DevOps Plus to provide outputs based on your unique queries using keywords, phrases, or sentences. You can also customize results by style, length, language, AI model type, and other additional instructions.

Copilot4DevOps Plus Convert to use case

Get Use Cases/User Stories Instantly

Turn high-level business needs into use cases or user stories with one click. Share use cases and stories to enable collaboration between stakeholders and development teams.

Convert to Gherkin and Translate Requirements

Convert your requirements data into Gherkin – a format for structured, human-readable test cases. You can also integrate linguistically diverse teams by translating work item data to multiple languages with high accuracy, saving time and ensuring clear communication between teams.

Copilot4DevOps Plus translates
Copilot4DevOps Plus creates test script

Seamless Integration with Azure DevOps

Discover the benefits of native integration, eliminating the need for constant app-switching and providing a cohesive development environment. Learn how Copilot4DevOps Plus seamlessly operates within Azure DevOps, encouraging continuous collaboration and efficiency.

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