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AI and the Future of Requirements Management with Microsoft and Copilot4DevOps Plus

Date: May 29th 2024 | Time: 11:00am EST

Featured Speakers:

Steve Lange

Sr. Developer Audience Specialist, Microsoft

Asif Sharif

CEO and Founder, Modern Requirements

Join Microsoft and Modern Requirements in this conversational Webinar on boosting efficiency with the powerful AI Work Item and Requirements Management Assistant Copilot4DevOps Plus.   

Copilot4DevOps Plus is natively built into Azure DevOps and inherits the quality and security that Microsoft brings. Experience the power of AI without complex prompt engineering – Copilot4DevOps Plus simplifies AI engagement, empowering your team to focus on innovation.

This is a must-attend Webinar for those wanting to transform strategic visions into impactful outcomes at a faster rate. Don’t miss out, join us for a streamlined AI journey!

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About the Speakers

Steve Lange

Sr. Developer Audience Specialist, Microsoft

Steve is a Developer Specialist at Microsoft in US Health and Life Sciences, engaging with customers to drive developer productivity.

His job and passion are all about developer happiness, and he evangelizes tooling and practices to enable happy, and therefore more productive, developers.

Steve focuses on Microsoft’s developer tools portfolio, which includes Azure DevOps,

Visual Studio, and the GitHub Platform (including GitHub Copilot).

Steve has worked at Microsoft since 2005, starting just before the launch of Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

He has been working in the fields of software configuration management, requirements management, and application lifecycle management since 1999.

Asif Sharif

CEO and Founder, Modern Requirements

Asif Sharif is a founder, an entrepreneur, and a visionary with decades of immersion in the information technology realm. He is the CEO and founder of Modern Requirements, a leading technology company revolutionizing requirements management with the award-winning tool Modern Requirements4DevOps.

Asif’s commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach has garnered widespread recognition, making Modern

Requirements a trusted partner in optimizing software, firmware and hardware development. He has recently developed and launched Copilot4DevOps and Copilot4DevOps Plus, both AI solutions for Requirements Management and DevOps.

Additionally, Asif is the visionary behind Codeless ONE, a ground-breaking no-code platform designed for citizen developers. Asif’s role as the founder of Modern Requirements, Copilot4DevOps and Codeless ONE showcases his relentless dedication to transforming the technology landscape and empowering users at every level.

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